Go To Reconciliation Process & Requirements

Any baptized Christian may approach a priest and request to go to confession. A non-Catholic Christian may request the seal of confession (absolute confidentiality) and may receive a prayer, but may not receive absolution.

Any baptized Catholic may request Sacramental Confession.

  • Presumes examination of conscience and confession to God.
  • 5 Marks of Integral Confession 
    • There must be sin 
    • The penitent has sorrow for sin (imperfect contrition)
    • The penitent is willing to do penance
    • The penitent is willing to make satisfaction if needed (esp. stealing, lying)
    • The priest must give Absolution.

Process for Sacramental Confession. (A guide)

  • Possible greeting and prayer. 
  • You say: “Bless me father for I have sinned.
  • It has been _________ since my last confession.
  • I am _________________ (state of life: married, single, a priest, a sister, etc.)
  • These are my sins…(list them kind and number) 
  • For these and all of my sins I am heartily sorry.”
  • Listen to advice and accept penance.
  • Make an act of contrition.
  • Receive absolution. (Do not make sign of cross)
  • Dismissal. Priest: "Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good." Penitent: "His mercy endures forever." Or “Go in peace.” Or some other.