I Want To Contact the Parish Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council serves as an advisory body to the pastor in light of the Parish’s stated mission.  As such it:

·         Helps to discern parish needs

·         Helps to establish parish policies

·         Helps to determine short-term and long-term priorities (“pastoral planning”)

·         Helps to reflect on the “mood” of the parish

·         Offers counsel to the pastor – who is responsible for the direction of both the Parish and the Pastoral Council – and to other members of the parish staff in the following areas:

o   The liturgical life of the parish (“worship”)

o   Religious and faith development/education (“formation”)

o   Parish service and social outreach (“social ministry”)

o   Parish life (“community”)

o   Physical, financial and human resources (“stewardship”)

Members of the Pastoral Council are also key players in implementing Parish ministries and events.

If you would like to contact the Council, please do so through its chair, Mary Kay Zahn, leaving a message at 504.529-1477, ext. 224.

Pastoral Council Members

  • Mary Kay Zahn, Chair
  • Jack Saux, Secretary
  • Dwight Barnes
  • Fr. Stephen A. Kramer, S.J., Associate Pastor
  • Doug Caldarera
  • Russell Desmond
  • Maddy Engel
  • Cathy Espenan
  • Amy Odinet
  • Brian Pellegrin
  • Fr. Anthony McGinn, S.J., Pastor
  • George Relle
  • Sandy Runco
  • George Schiaffino