I Want To Learn More About: The School of Religion

Through PSR (the Parish School of Religion), we help to form children and adolescents who do not attend Catholic schools by instructing them in Christian doctrine and spirituality so that they might become knowledgeable and faithful disciples of Christ.  Of course, a child's parents are always the first and most influential teachers in a young person's life.  This is especially true in the teaching of our faith, and so it is important that a family identify activities within the famiy that will help the child understand that faith is something that is lived, not simply something that is studied.   Particularly important is a commitment to family prayer and to participation in Sunday Mass.


Classes begin September 9, 2018 and continue through the school year. They take place in the parish rectory.  Each child is assigned to one of four class sections, determined by the age and religious education background of the students.  For students in primary grades, classes take place following the 8:00am Sunday Mass, beginning at approximately 9:30am and ending at approximately 10:15am.  For students in middle school (grades 7-8) and high school, classes take place from 10:00 am until 11:00 am. 

Fees & Documents

Each family is asked to make an offering of $100 to help cover the costs of the PSR program.  (A fee of $50 is asked for a second child from the same family.)  If a family feels that it is unable to pay the fee, or desires to pay it in installments, the fee can be waived or modified.  Please consult with the Pastor.  

Parents whose children are new to the PSR program are also asked to provide a copy of the child's baptismal certificate.  It can be a photocopy of a certificate that the family has at home.  It does not need to be a new copy issued by the parish where the child was baptized.

First Communion and Confirmation

It should be noted that according to Archdiocesan guidelines, two complete years of PSR are required for students not in Catholic schools prior to the reception of First Communion (2nd grade) or Confirmation (11th grade). Students preparing for these sacraments, in addition to PSR, will also participate in sacrament-specific preparation. To learn more about the First Communion (Eucharist) and Confirmation preparation programs conducted by Immaculate Conception Parish, please consult this website under the tab entitled "How."

Questions about PSR?  Please feel free to contact the Parish Office at 504.529.1477, ext. 224.


Class Registration

Please fill out the following information for the student being enrolled into PSR classes.

    • first name
    • middle name
    • last name
    • date of birth
    • school where enrolled
    • mother's full name
    • father's full name
    • church where family is registered