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What do you see in our windows?

Hope?  Grace?  Beauty?  Love?  Redemption?  The story of salvation, God's presence among us.  This is what we contemplate in the images depicted in our 148 antique stained glass windows.  The magnificent windows were intricately constructed in France, Germany, and America, and most date back to the original church structure built in 1857.

Let there be light...

Each and every day we are surrounded by the glory of God's creation.  When light shines through our stained glass, we are reminded that God chooses to shine forth into the world through the humanity of Jesus, Mary, and the saints throughout the ages.  In contemplating these glorious images, we are allowed an even deeper experience of God's grace as our hearts and minds are lifted and inspired by their glorious lives.

With your help, we can finish what we have started in caring for and restoring these historic windows, preserving their beauty and securing their inspiring messages for generations to come.


Money Collected:         $2,462,980.69

Outstanding Pledges:     $195,396.06

GRAND TOTAL:            $2,658,376.75



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